We plan puppies in spring 2021.

Penkivil is and always will be a home kennel. Our priority is to find loving and caring homes for the little fur-babies.


As a breeder I devote my full attention and time to every puppy. All of them are raised together with their mother and other members of our family/friends. I pay attention to carefully accustom puppies to new scents, sounds and situations in order to grow up into bold and sound companions. We try to do our best to raise well-socialised companion dogs.


All new owners are welcome to seek help and advice from us at all times. We are very happy if we can keep in touch with owners and observe how the pups grow and develop.

At Penkivil all puppies leave the kennel at least 8 weeks of age with a birth certificate or FCI export pedigree accredited by  Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce

​If you are interested in acquiring an english setter puppy from us - please  contact me directly. I would like to know you better:)


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