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Currently we do not have any puppies available

For more info on our our current litters or breeding plans please visit:


Raising puppies

The birth of puppies in Penkivil is always a very joyous and exciting moment for us. Every combination is carefully planned well-ahead and often longly awaited.  

The parents of every litter in Penkivil are purebred dogs, with appropriate breeding qualifications acquired through critiques from numerous dog shows and going through health tests (HD, ED, pra-rcd-4, BAER). We decide to breed only healthy, well-maintained dogs with good characters. 

As a breeder I devote my full attention and time to every puppy.  Raising a litter is a full-time job, including night shifts and overtime work :) Each puppy's health status, development and socialisation progress is monitored since birth, in order to give each one of them a perfect start into life.

Socialisation & care

Because Penkivil is a home kennel - all of our litters are always raised together with their mother in our house. Therefore the pups have constant contact with humans, other dogs and our home life since the first days of their lives. From the 3rd week on, I pay attention to carefully accustom puppies to several new scents, sounds and situations in order to grow up into bold and sound companions. All our puppies have a spacious and safe indoor and outdoor playpen to excersize, play or sleep as much as they want. We often take pups to short trips to the busy city districts, vet office, groomer or other new and exciting places for them to discover.


Our aim is to do our best and raise well-socialised companion dogs.


Our priority is to find loving and caring homes for all our little fur-babies. All new owners are welcome to seek help and advice from us at all times. We are always very happy if we have to possibility to keep in touch with owners and observe how the pups grow and develop.​ With every puppy leaving the kennel we pass on a significant part of our heart and legacy...

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English Setter


At Penkivil all puppies leave the kennel at the age of at least 8 weeks, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed with a BAER test certificate and a birth certificate/FCI export pedigree accredited by Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce.​

​If you are aware of English Setter's needs and would like to acquire a puppy from Penkivil  - please contact us directly. We would like to know you better:)

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