Welcome! Penkivil is an English Setter home kennel based in Poland.

Here you will find details about our dogs, breeding plans, current english setter puppies and more. Enjoy!


"Everyone has the best dog.

None of them is wrong."



Penkivil FCI was established out of genuine love towards dogs and their welfare. Our dogs live with us and are treasured until the last days of their life. We always strive to find the best, safe and loving homes for every puppy out of our kennel - so that they can live a long and truly happy life next to their owners.

We have puppies occasionally. Please check our puppy page for updates

Our kennel was registered in 2015 under the number 4341/P in Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

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Read more about the breed - its origins, traits, needs, health issues and all other interesting facts you need to know before buying an english setter!


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How can we help?

If you wish to ask a specific question about Penkivil kennel, setters or just talk about dogs, drop a line. I usually try to respond within 24 hours!

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We are a member of English Setter Association of America

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