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Our planned & current litters

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us directly ahead of time.


Our next litter is planned around summer 2025. Serious inquiries welcome. Please contact us for details. We would appreciate phone calls. Thank you.


How to

get a puppy?


If you are interested in an English Setter puppy from one of our matings, please contact us directly. You may have to wait for your puppy a while, that is why we collect contact details from interested people well ahead.


In order to provide the best loving homes for our four-legged babies, we strongly encourage you to call us or meet in person.

Are you ready?

Please act responsibly. A cute fluffy puppy will grow up into an adult dog in a blink of an eye. Being a dog owner is a huge responsibility. Yes - it is rich in joyous, magic and unforgettable memories. And yes - some days it will be a hard and painful journey. You will be the whole world to an animal totally dependant on you through the next 10-13 years. If you have any doubts whether to get a puppy, please DO NOT.


Penkivil is an FCI kennel registered in Zwiazek Kynologiczny w Polsce - the only organisation in Poland that unites dog breeders since 1939 and is a member of FCI. Pedigrees issued by this organisation are recognised worldwide.

For more up to date info about Penkivil english setter kennel please visit our Facebook page or our Insta feed below!

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