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"Dogs are our link to paradise"

Few words about us and how it all started

Our Philosophy

Penkivil FCI was established out of genuine love towards dogs and their welfare. We always strive to find the best, loving homes for every puppy out of our kennel, so that they can live a long and truly happy life next to their owners.​

We have puppies only after serious planning, always aiming to improve the breed. Please check our puppy page for updates on our breeding plans.

Our kennel was registered in 2015 in Fédération Cynologique Internationale, one of the oldest organisations uniting dog breeders around the world. I myself am a member of English Setter Association of America and undergo judge training in Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP), being an FCI group VII judge's assistant since 2019. Since 2023 I continue my journey towards discovering the uncommon world of animals, being a student of Veterinary Medicine.

About me

My name is Marta Król, and I am very pleased to welcome you on this website.


Here is my story...


For some reason, since I remember, my family had a "no-animal" policy. One day, as a 7 year-old girl, I received a pocket album with photos and descriptions of 300+ dog breeds (instead of a real fluffy dog I wildly dreamed about). According to my parents, it was just another book to keep me interested in various topics. Little did they know that topic clicked in my head and, as a result, I shortly became fluent in recognising almost any dog breed I met. 


Today, I still clearly remember the idea that flourished in my mind back then: "I'm going to own all these cute doggies one day". Well, for God's sake, that happily didn't come true :) 


But, as years passed by and the pocket album got covered with dust, I still did not forget my genuine interest toward these wonderful creatures - dogs. As a teenage girl, after countless discussions with my family, I finally convinced my family to get my first dog! It was a tricolour beagle male, named Arnold. The day Arnold joined our family I got hopelessly "lost" in the dog world. 


During my teenage years I took part in obedience classes, first dog shows, junior handling competitions and learned a ton about training, taking care of and living with a dog. After my beloved beagle passed away at the beautiful age of over 13 years - I felt lost and soon found out I could not live without a dog by my side...


I knew, though, I will not find a beagle that could replace beloved Arnold.  My search revolved around the gundog group which I adored. After some time the choice was made: an English Setter.


As no puppies were available in the country at that time, Nela, an orange belton girl, joined our family arriving from hungarian Princess Pride kennel in 2015. Nela made our home filled with life and goofiness again. Thanks to this dog, I met many new friends, sharing the same passions and begun my own breeding programme.


Till this day, that small dog album has a special place in my heart. It reminds me of how it all started from a supposedly childish dream, that actually did come true.


Apart from a joyful life close to dogs, I strive to be a responsible English Setter breeder, here at  Penkivil FCI.



Penkivil is an FCI kennel registered in Zwiazek Kynologiczny w Polsce - the only organisation in Poland that unites dog breeders since 1939 and is a member of FCI. Pedigrees issued by this organisation are recognised worldwide.

For more up to date info about Penkivil english setter kennel please visit our Facebook page or our Insta feed below!

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