My name is Marta Krol, and I'm glad to welcome you on this website.

Here is my story. And it's probably different than plenty of those you already stumbled upon.

My family had a "no-animal" policy since I remember. So, as a 7 year-old, instead of a real fluffy dog I dreamed about, I received one day a pocket album with photos and descriptions of 300+ dog breeds. It was "just another book" given by my parents to keep me interested in various topics. Well, as a result, shortly I became fluent in recognising any dog breed met at the street or in television. Useful trait for a 7-year-old! As an adult today, I still remember this album and the idea that flourished in my little mind back then: "I'm going to take care of all these doggies one day".

Well, hopefully that didn't come true, because life would be surely very interesting with Pugs, Beagles, German Shepherds and Great Danes living all together in one flat. But as years passed by I didn't forget my genuine interest toward these wonderful creatures.


My dog journey begun in 2002 with my first long awaited furry friend - a beagle male. First shows, ups and downs, new people and things to learn. I was hooked. Since then I made my way from being a dog enthusiast to an owner and later on entered the cynology world to meet many friends sharing same passions: to breed healthy, sound and beautiful dog companions. English Setters stole my heart. Since 2019 I am undergoing a FCI group VII judge training. 

Till this day I own that small dog album that reminds me of my childish dream, which actually did come true. I am a happy dog owner and strive to be a responsible english setter breeder, here at ​Penkivil FCI.



Penkivil is an FCI kennel registered by Zwiazek Kynologiczny w Polsce - the only organisation in Poland that unites dog breeders since 1939. Pedigrees issued by this organisation are recognised worldwide.

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