dob: 30/09/2015

sire: Latin Lover KEEP THE FAITH

dam: Setr Ridge YOUNG AT HEART

breeder: Krisztina Dudas (Princess Pride)

Nela is from pure american bloodlines and came to us from Princess Pride kennel (Hungary). She possesses a lovely, elegant head, has a feminine and proportional structure with a nice, straight topline. Very gentle, but at the same time bold and full of positive energy.

Nela is special for a whole bunch of reasons. She is my first English Setter - crazy and vocal as a pup, now she pretends she's a queen: refined, delicate and calm. She forgets all majesty the moment she sniffs a bird or sees someone she wants to be friends with.

Hip displasia: HD A
Elbow displasia: 0/0
BAER normal (both sides)
PRA rcd4 N/N clear (by parentage)
International Champion C.I.E. 
Polish Champion (PLCH)
Hungarian Champion (HCH)
Slovak Champion (SKCH)
Junior Polish Champion (JPLCH)
Club winner 2019
2nd degree diploma - Hunting Ability Test for Pointing Dogs

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