Litter "H"

1 boy | 6 girls

Born: 1 Feb 2020  |  All puppies found loving homes



Champion of Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, European Junior Winner '19

Sheradin's Star Miami Beach

Hip displasia

Elbow displasia

pra rcd-4



ED 0/0


normal (both sides)

Champion of Baltics, Russia, Hungary, Club Winner '19, Baltic Winner '19,

Finland Winner'19

Mr Perfect

Fairray 'N Wingfield Nobody Is Perfect But Me

Hip displasia

Elbow displasia

pra rcd-4



ED 0/0


normal (both sides)

Puppy info

Date of birth



1 Feb 2020

Penkivil Hallmark (lives in 🇩🇪)

Penkivil Hey Mamma (lives in 🇵🇱)

Penkivil Henrietta (lives in 🇵🇱)

Penkivil Hot News (lives in 🇵🇱)

Penkivil Hats Off

Penkivil Hazel (lives in 🇵🇱)

Penkivil Hush Hush (lives in 🇱🇺)

All puppies from this litter are BAER tested and have normal hearing.



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